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Picture of the month...continued

On Sunday, March 25, 2012, we welcomed 5 new members into our congregation!
Oops! Just found out that we spelled Franklyn's name wrong in the picture. Sorry about that!

Here's a recent photo.  It's our sexton, Joe Bernier, showing his new set of wheels to April Hatch.
(Photo supplied by Jane Dovan.)
So, what is it that Joe calls his new car???

Famous local WCAU newscaster, Orien Reed, visited our church
a number of years back. Here she is with Deacons Ruth James and Ginny Wisler.

Back in the early 80's, our church had a contemporary Christian singing group called Sonfire
that put on musical programs throughout the area.
This is an early photo of that group.  Do you remember them?
Four of those in the picture still attend every week!

Some of the members of our church who took part in the recent tree planting
in Olney and at the church.

Carolyn Ramsey was caught!!!  We have learned that she was jailed for "theft of art supplies."

You'll have to ask someone from the Keenagers recent trip to LaDore for details.

Back in October of 2002, 2003, and 2004, our church went on Family Retreat weekends to Spruce Lake Retreat.
These 2 photos are from those retreats.

This picture was taken over 51 years ago at our church's Camp Sankanac Conference.
(picture courtesy of Ginny Wisler)
Can you tell who this young lady of our church (past & present) is???
Yes, it's Pat Huebner McKeown!

AUGUST is Community Fest month at Olney Pres!

Here's a young "King" fan enjoying the day & some free snacks at last year's festival.
This year's Fest will take place on August 20th from 10:30 - 2:00!

July is VBS month at Olney Pres!  In honor of Vacation Bible School,
we present this collage of our youth leader, Jason Brannan,
over the past few years at VBS!

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