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Picture of the month...continued

Two of the young men of our church sporting their Christmas attire
back on Christmas Sunday in 2005.

November is Thanksgiving month!  Each year, we at FPC Olney celebrate
with a pre-Thanksgiving dinner on the Saturday night before Thanksgiving.
This collage is photos from the first one
back in 2010.

Here is a Guertler family portrait taken on the edge of a cliff back in October of 2004.
So, what church event were they attending at the time???
Spruce Lake Family Retreat in 2004

In these days of so much identity theft, who is this young man???
Of course, it's Kevin.

Community Fest is held every year during August out on Clarkson Ave.
Cotton Candy and Brandon are always popular with the kids!

July is VBS month at Olney Pres!
Look at all the fun that even the leaders and helpers have at VBS!

June is Church Picnic month (aka the Sunday School Picnic).
What better way to remember the fun of previous picnics
than by looking at photos from last year's picnic!

Ok, here's a picture we dug up from our archives.
So, can you tell the who, what, when, and where of this picture???

Back in the 80's, our church had several contemporary Christian singing groups
that put on musical programs throughout the area.
This is an early photo of the Starlight group from 1983.
Most of these young people are spread out across the country now.
One of these people is still a regular at our church.  Can you tell which one?

The Children's Choir singing during the Easter season in 2011.

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