First Presbyterian Church of Olney

An evangelical church in urban Philadelphia

A family of believers of all ages and ethnicities

First Presbyterian Church of Olney Philadelphia PA

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"By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."

- John 13:35


We are a caring community of believers, saved by the grace of Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit. We ...

  • Proclaim that Jesus died for our sins and rose again

  • Welcome all people with the respect accorded children of God

  • With love and laughter, encourage, serve, disciple and pray for one another

  • Share the life and love of Jesus with people of all cultures and circumstances

  • Exist to spread the good news of Jesus in Olney, Philadelphia and the world

  • Are Presbyterian in government, Reformed in tradition, biblical in practice and power

Lenten Season Devotions 2017
During Lent 2017, Pastor Randy, our Princeton Interns, and 7 of our church officers shared devotions with us.
Wednesday, April 5
Devotion by Randy Barge
Thursday, April 6
Devotion by Krista Barbor
Friday, April 7
Devotion by Florence McKeown
Saturday, April 8
Devotion by Mat Bowen
Monday, April 10
Devotion by Franklyn Daniel
Tuesday, April 11
Devotion by Allan McKeown
Wednesday, April 12
Devotion by Romee St. John
Thursday, April 13
Devotion by Judith Daniel
Friday, April 14
Devotion by John Dodds
Saturday, April 15
Devotion by Kenneth McKeown

Holy Week Devotions 2016
For Holy Week 2016, Pastor Randy and 5 of our church elders shared devotions with us.
Monday, March 21
Devotion on Matthew 6:25-32 by John Dodds
Tuesday, March 22
Devotion on I Corinthians 13:8-13 by Allan McKeown
Wednesday, March 23
Devotion on Luke 6:20-23 by Bill James
Thursday, March 24
Devotion on Matthew 8:23-27 by Ken McKeown
Friday, March 25
Devotion on Isaiah 53:4-6 by Krista Barbor
Saturday, March 26
Devotion on Isaiah 43:16-21 by Randy Barge

NOTE: The Mission Study Review is available online - Click here

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The missionaries that we support can be viewed here.

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