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Picture of the month...continued

Each year our church, under the direction of Robin Ford, prepares tons
of boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  This year is no different as we'll be
doing it on Sunday, November 16th, at 9:45.  This picture is the kids
who were involved in preparing the boxes back in 2008.

This photo was taken in October of 1977 -- 37 years ago!
Of the 13 people in this picture (not including the backs of heads),
how many of these church people do you recognize???

You've heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge in support of ALS Research?
What better Picture-of-the-Month then our own Brandon Frank (and Jeffrey Young)
doing the Ice Bucket Challenge at our Community Fest this year.

Summer at FPC Olney brings VBS in July and Community Fest Day in August.
In honor of this year's Community Fest coming up on August 16th,
we present to you photos of our beloved Church Treasurer, Brandon Frank,
at past Community Fests.

At our Church Picnic every June, there are activities like swimming, basketball, softball,
games, pie eating contest, etc.  But you can also just come out and relax and hang with friends!

The Mariners, an adult group from our church, got together about 34 years ago for this trip.

Where was it?  And, who do you recognize?

(photo courtesy of Jane Dovan)

Who can tell me how these 2 pictures relate???
Barbara, Allan, & Chris on the left.  Barbara's two children and Chris's son on the right.

Talk about dipping into the archives!  This photo was taken in the church yard back in 1940!
That's 74 years ago.  Can any of our long time members recognize any of these long ago members?
Below is the back of the picture with the names.

Here's one from the archives!  Who, what, where, and why???

Here's an old photo of a female church bowling team from about a half century ago.
Can you identify the ladies???
Jean McKeown, Charlotte Greenwood, Phyllis Heebner, Dorothy Loper, Frieda D'Auria, Grace Traubel
Photo courtesy of Barbara Westenberger.

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