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Picture of the month!

We have posted a Picture-of-the-Month here on the website
and on Facebook for the past 10-15 years.
You can check them all out below.

Picture of the Month Archive

Ever wonder how those groups photos get taken with everybody in them?
Maybe these 2 photos of the Fall Retreat 2018 can give you a clue.
What do you think?
(Check our Facebook page for a full-size view.)

This is a recent photo.  It's a photo of our church sanctuary on a day
when Pastor Randy delivered his weekly message for our virtual service.
We hope to change this scene to include all of YOU very soon!

Christian Endeavor was a vital part of the lives of our church's teenagers in the past.
This photo is from 1987 and is the officers of the Senior-High CE group that year.
Can you name them?
(Their names at the time: Laura Preston, Kathy Shaw, Aleyne Ruh, Chuck Wisler.)

This photo was one of the first Pictures of the Month posted on this site 11 years ago.
It is from a Christmas pageant done by the youth of our church
back in the early 1990's.
So, who do you recognize?

In this season of our annual fall retreat, here's a group photo
from the Fall Retreat at Spruce Lake 15 years ago back in 2004.
Who do you recognize?

Melissa Arnott, of the Arnott family, who were long time members
of our church many years ago, sent this picture that appeared in a
local newspaper.  It's a photo from 1932 of one of the first
Olney Presbyterian basketball teams.
Melissa's grandfather is in the photo.  Do you know any of the others?

A young lad of our church and his Grandpop on Easter back in 2011.

There was a lot of interest recently in a VBS photo posted on Facebook from the mid 60's.
So, here's one from about 5 years earlier, around 1960.
Who do you know?
(Zoomed sections to follow)

Here's one from the archives.  This photo is over 50 years old.  It was taken
in our church's social hall back in the 1960's.
There are 6 people in the photo.  Can you name them all?
(Beverly Barbor, Carolyn Kuchar, Mary Lou Everett, David Zehner, Jean McKeown, Allan McKeown)

This photo was taken at another church back in 1993.
These two young ladies are now loyal members of our church.
Do you recognize them???
(Irma and Elizabeth)

This old black and white photo was found in a cabinet in the church library.
It is our church sanctuary from a long time ago.
Does anyone have a clue as to what era this might be from?

Circle of candlelights singing Silent Night at the conclusion
of our Christmas Eve service in 2017.

As we stated last month, those large group pictures that we take at church events don't just happen.
Here's Greta, once again, at this year's Fall Retreat taking charge!

Those large group pictures that we take at church events don't just happen.
It takes someone to organize it and get everyone facing the right direction.
Here's Greta at last year's Fall Retreat taking charge!

Summer at Olney Pres means VBS and Community Fest!
This photo is 2 of the hard workers at VBS 10 years ago.  They are Jason Brannan and Verna Mack.

During this May/June cycle, our church will hold their annual
Church Picnic (aka the Sunday School Picnic).
This photo was taken at the picnic back in 2002!  This is the beginning
of the pie eating contest at a time when full size pies were used!
Doesn't Howard look hungry?

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