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Picture of the month...continued

An event of our church over 50 years ago.  Photo taken out on Clarkson Avenue.
Can you name the event?

The singing of Silent Night to candlelight at the 2016 Christmas Eve service
with the congregation in a circle around the sanctuary.

What a motley crew you say?  Not so!  This is the band of men who attempted to tackle the Disc Golf course
at the Fall Retreat on October 28th-30th (plus Howard who took the picture).  Alas, after 11 holes and over 2 hours,
the course won.  A good time was had by all including the 5 kids who went ahead of us on the course showing us the way.

These 3 young people are very special to our church family.  They attended our church for years when they were much younger.
Then their family moved to Guyana.  But, they came back this summer for a visit.  It was great to see them!

Summer at Olney Pres means Movies Under the Stars, VBS, and Community Fest!
Community Fest is held in August (August 13th this year) and is always filled with FREE food, fun, and fellowship for the entire neighborhood!
This collage of photos is from Community Fest 2015!

This is the birthday bench!  This photo was taken by Howard Guertler in the church hallway
on the last Sunday of April.  Pastor Randy's birthday was on the Saturday,
and Frieda D'Auria's 89th birthday was on the Sunday

As we enter the Spring and Easter season of 2016,
let's look at an Easter photo from back in 1980.

Our children are our future!  This photo of the Barbor, Frank, and Guertler children
was taken in the church library back in the early 90's.

Here's a photo of our own Joel Kamm and his new bride, Rachel,
at their wedding several weeks ago.

Thanksgiving falls in November!  This photo is the serving line from last year's
Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner held at our church.  There was lots of great food!
This year we'll be holding our 6th annual Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner after church
on Sunday, November 22nd. Tons of good food, and it's FREE!

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